Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am having problems with the virtual platform. What do I do?

For best results, please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.


Can I still apply for the youth mentoring project?

The deadline for the 1st cohort of mentees was October 20, 2016. Keep visiting the project website for another call, if interested in applying in the future.


I am selected as a mentee, when am I expected to start?

Selected candidates will be invited to a regional launch which will mark the official start of NEYAT. All the selected candidates will be informed, once logistics are finalized.


I sent my details, but have not seen my profile on the “Mentees” platform. What do I do?

The profiles are updated gradually, to ensure efficiency. Rest assured that your details will be added soon if you sent your photo, as requested.


How do I pay my way to the regional launch?

CORAF/WECARD and its partners will fully sponsor all 120 selected mentees to the regional launch. 


Where and When will the regional launch hold?

Date and venue of the regional launch will be announced once preparations for it are finalized.


How long will the mentorship last?

Mentees will be trained for approximately six months. Depending on the mentees’ performance, and on CORAF/WECARD needs, the mentorship may be extended for a second phase which will include a sponsorship (from external bodies). All mentees will be informed on the terms of the opportunity.


Does NEYAT have any project partners, like AAIN? Can I take part in AAIN’s programmes through CORAF/WECARD?

So far, NEYAT is sponsored by the IBD and WAAPP. CORAF/WECARD will share its experience of working with the youth at the AAIN Expo in Dakar, and will be represented by core NEYAT staff, but not as partners. If you wish to participate in AAIN, apply directly to them.


Does CORAF/WECARD lease agricultural equipment?

CORAF/WECARD does not lease agricultural equipment.


Can I contact other mentees from my country through CORAF/WECARD?

The regional launch will be a wonderful opportunity for networking. An interactive platform will soon go live on the project website to facilitate dialogue among mentees.


Will there be financial sponsorship after the mentorship?

NEYAT hopes to facilitate financial sponsorship mechanisms to the best mentees. This will come from external bodies, and follow a competitive process after the development of an excellent business plan.


What should I bring to the regional launch?

When a date and venue are fixed, further instructions will be given.


Can I apply for a job at CORAF/WECARD after the mentorship is over?

Mentees are eligible to apply to CORAF/WECARD jobs as any other applicant. However, this program is not designed to prepare young educated Africans in agriculture for careers in offices. Mentees are highly encouraged to remain engaged in agribusiness in West and Central Africa after the mentorship is over.


Do I have to be fluent in English to do the mentorship?

No. The mentorship will be delivered in both English and French Languages, just as will be all web-based applications to be used.