Spotlight on Grace-Marlene Gnintoungbe - Our Mentee

Grace-Marlene Gnintoungbe, a CORAF mentee, is a young agripreneur from the Republic of Benin.Her business focuses on the development of an organic farm in Benin. Since 2015, she has set up market-oriented gardening that is purely organic. She’s going “organic” because she believes that the protection of the environment should be a top priority among farmers.

Grace-Marlène’s garden is located at Glo Djigbé in the department of Atlantique. She’s developing her enterprise to effectively tap into the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). In CORAF’s Mentorship, she is particularly interested in post-production activities related to processing, labeling, marketing and post-marketing reorganization. 

Grace-Marlène has participated in CORAF’s Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture (ICT4Ag) forum, where she shared experience of waking up from her ICT slumber. Grace-Marlène wants to demonstrate to other young people that it is possible to earn a decent from farming, while contributing to one’s community. 

“I consider my participation at the NEYAT forum important because I’ve acquired new knowledge and innovative management tools on how to use the internet to boost my business, ensure better financial management and create visibility,” says Grace-Marlène.


She will like CORAF and partners to support her through the development of a mobile remote irrigation app, as well as facilitating access to participatory or institutional financing.